Which sound bar has the best bass?


Watching your favorite movie or TV shows in your home should be a great experience because of the comfort and homely feeling. But sometimes, there are moments when that great experience is squashed by a bad audio. No matter how expensive or reputable the brand of your soundbar is, it will not hold up to an audio with lots of bass.

If the movies or TV programs that you are watching, and the video games you are playing has a lot of bass, then you should have a sound bar/subwoofer package included, to address the problem of bad audio. For those who do not know what a subwoofer is, it is a speaker that generally works to produce the lowest of the bass frequencies. Since sound bars are always slim, they are usually accompanied by a separate subwoofer. But if you do not want a separate subwoofer but still want a good bass, then you can do well on having a platform-style sound bar.

The broad platforms of these platform-style sound bars have larger speakers which give the sound more space to resonate for an overall bass response. The only setback though is the fact that they may consume a lot of space compared to their slimmer counterparts.

After reading a lot of articles on the best sound bars in 2016, I have listed here a few sound bars which have the best bass among others on the market:

  1.    Vizio S5430W-C2 54-inch 3.0 soundbar

This is the best sound bar in the market based on the different reviews gathered, and the price is reasonable, available at only $285.29. The only setback is the fact that it might be too big for the TV or the TV stand. This does not come with a separate subwoofer, hence, the size is bigger compared to other sound bars with a separate subwoofer package. Vizio also offers a rather impressive surround sound and this is one of the two soundbars which got a marking of an A+ grade at the Toptenreviews.com.

  1.    Sonos Playbar TV sound bar

The quality of the sound from this Sonos sound bar is pretty much impressive with an A+ grade like Vizio. However, the cost is way too much at $650. It is also quite hard to set-up Sonos and many connection ports are lacking. Still, if you want a great sound without minding the challenge of setting up, then this is a good choice to improve the sound of your TV speakers.


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