How to buy a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are like best friends for all the audiophiles out there, like you and me !

justice5They have undoubtedly proved their worth being so easy to use, maintain and carry, along with the quality sound they deliver that extinguishes our thirst of music satisfactorily. With the introduction of these extremely wonderful ‘Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers’, we have no place left to miss the music, even while we are showering or lying on a beach.

So when it comes to buying one such piece of magic for your own self, you can definitely not step out without a proper guidance. If the question “how to buy a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?” , is eating your head, then you are at the right place buddy !

First and foremost:Budget

Decide how much you would like to spend. This is very important as this will narrow down your search on a large scale. There are speakers available from a very minimal price of $15 to the top offerings of $350 and above, where the size, features and quality will differ in accordance.

Size really matters

On number two,  you must decide the size of the speaker that you will be looking for, depending on the kind of usage you will put it up to. Do not spend on the one with all those magnificent, high tech features only to find out later that it is too big and awkward to carry it around your college campus, or the one smaller than your t-shirt’s pocket but lacks the power to deliver quality sound.


Configuration of speakers and wattage

The arrangement of speakers in the device will naturally affect the sound quality. Low-end devices generally have a single speaker stuffed inside, that may deliver lacklustre sound and dissatisfaction. Many speakers come with multiple speakers configured inside along with the subwoofers that will amaze you with the sound quality. There are several others that have speakers configured in an omnidirectional fashion, to create an environment of live concert inside your tiled shower room !!

The concept of battery

While selecting and comparing the batteries, do not simply look over the ‘mAh’ and decide. Be careful, as there are speakers having low mAh but will require less power to run (depending on their configuration and technical features), than those having a relatively higher mAh but will require more power to run. In such cases the former will run, let us say, ten hours in one charge while the latter may run for only eight hours, even after having a greater mAh. You understand the concept?

An Additional Feature

The Bluetooth speakers today are more than just speakers. They can offer one more feature other than just playing your favorite tune. Most of the Bluetooth speakers now a days, can function as power banks, whenever you need them to.

That means you can conveniently listen to the music along the seaside, while the device also charges your smartphone. Both at the same time !  Cool, isn’t it?


So, there you go ! Having read all the above, you can now choose the perfect speakers for yourself.

Happy shopping!